How to Build a Cubicle

Here are the instructions to show you how to correctly install your cubicle as supplied by school washroom. Just follow these easy to understand instructions. Print off the page if you need to. Make sure your lines are vertical as you have areas you can adjust for floors or walls out of true.

Step 1 Measuring up

Measure and mark off a vertical line on the back wall for the positions of the wall partitions for the cubicles. Mark on the wall the positions to fix the three back wall brackets.

Step 2 Fitting Brackets

Fix the 3 back wall channel brackets as required for each partition on the vertical line drawn on the wall.

Step 3 Fitting Partitions

Position the wall panels into the brackets and ensure the partition is level using the adjustable legs fixed to the wall panels. Draw the exact position of the holes in the channel brackets on the walls of each partition ready for drilling. Drill the hole using a 10mm drill bit and fix the brackets to the partition walls using the T-nuts provided.

Step 4 Fitting Partition Support

Check the attached the adjustable leg to the partition, and adjust to correct height. Ensure the partition is aligned correctly and fix adjustable legs to the floor.

Step 5 Fitting Fascia Panels

Measure up and mark off a vertical line on the side wall if fixing to a wall. Fix the 3 wall brackets the wall. Make sure the hinge panel is level and mark off the positions of the 3 brackets on the fascia. Fix the hinge wall to fascia channel brackets using the T-nuts provided. Your pilaster (central fascia panel) will have the hinge holes predrilled and simply fix those using the T-nuts provided.

Step 6 Fitting Head Rail

With the partitions and fascia fixed the head rail must be placed in position over the tops of the fascia bridging the door gap. Fix the head rail permanently by attaching to the fascia.

Step 7 Fitting the doors, hinges and lock assembly

Attach the hinges to the doors. Attach the indictor bolt to the door. Block the doors up to the level of the hinge panel bottom using wood and place the door on the blocks. Engage the lock and mark off the indicator bolt on the fascia at the point you want to attach the keep. Mark off the hinge placement on the hinge panel. To drill the hinge holes remove the nut at the bottom of the hinge and reassemble and attach the hinges to the walls ensuring the door is hung horizontal. Unlock the indicator bolt and attach the keep using the fixings provided.

A picture for you to help you put your cubicle together

Get a visual idea of how a cubicle walls, doors, hinge panels, pillasters and doors come together to make your cubicle installation run smooth.


Fitting Drawing


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